Reagan, Gingrich, and Amnesty

To see what Newt Gingrich recently said about amnesty for illegal immigrants, and ponder it carefully “in context” I searched for the transcript of that portion of the November 22, 2011 National Security Debate. I found the snippet of the CNN transcript and a video-clip of Gingrich’s statement published on a website called The Voice of Deseret. You might find Gingrich’s complete quote interesting: .

After reading and pondering, I wondered: How far off is the implementation of ‘the path to amnesty’ portion of the Gingrich’s ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ program?

If the processes for the path to amnesty begin only after we have controlled the U.S.’s borders (stopped illegal immigration and brought the legal immigration process under control) Gingrich’s suggestion doesn’t seem so radical. However, I believe it’s safe to say those first conditions - controlling our borders, stopping illegal immigration and bringing the legal immigration process under control - seem a long way off.

The whole issue raises a few questions: Is it necessary for the U.S. to notify illegal boarder crossers that if they enter the U.S. illegally after a certain (past or future) date they absolutely will not qualify for any program for amnesty for illegal immigrants. For such notification, is there a legally required notification process? Would such notification be done in English?  

Note: All of the media reports, and transcripts of Gingrich’s statement which I’ve read improperly identify the Krieble Foundation [ ] as the Creeble Foundation.