Gavin Newsom (Is It Hypocrisy?)

Gavin Newsom, the recently sworn in Governor of California, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is in (the Republican bastion of) Orange County, CA.  Governor Newsom's lawsuit claims Huntington Beach has not provided enough low income housing to attract, and support, low income residents who might want to live within the community of Huntington Beach. The brouhaha made me wonder, has Gavin Newsom ever chosen to live in a neighborhood with abundant low income housing?

While Mayor of San Francisco it was reported that Gavin Newsom lived in the Buena Vista section of Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Then, while he was Attorney General of California, I understand Governor Newsom lived in what some call a mansion in Marin, California.  And, recent newspaper reports have mentioned the Newsom family moved from the City of Marin, to The California Governor's Mansion in metropolitan Sacramento for his Gubernatorial Inauguration. Then, within days after his inauguration, newspaper reports mention the Newsom family decided to move to a "ranch" they purchased in December 2018, which is in a community called Fair Oaks.

Funny, I thought I recognized Gavin Newsom's wife's maiden name as being the same as an investment banker or wealthy software entrepreneur – it seems she’s related to both:

Aside from his political activities, Governor Newsom apparently is a partner in a business called Plump Jack Enterprises. The partnership apparently engages in several different enterprises. The partnership owns a wine tasting bar in San Francisco, a winery in Napa, CA, and a lodge in Tahoe, CA, and etc. The partnership has also has purchased, renovated, rehabilitated and sold properties in Northern California. Newspapers have reported the other partners in Plump Jack Enterprises are Gordon Getty and Gordon Getty’s son Billy Getty.


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